Morevisas Chennai Review can Make you Understand US Immigration

Morevisas-Chennai-Review-can-Make-you-Understand-US-ImmigrationUS immigration is a type of process in order to travel from the other countries as non-immigrant or immigrant to the US. An individual who would like to travel to the US must need a visa and follow few regulations and rules. As you all know obtaining an immigration visa is really entangle because it is continuously changing.

In order to get rid of this problem, an immigration attorney can surely help you to get US work visa or another kind of visas such as Family visa involving V and K, student visa, Business visa involving B1 and B2 and green card issues. Make sure that an immigration attorney who deals with the matter regarding foreign nationals who come into the US either permanently or temporarily. Based on the morevisas Bangalore review, the Attorneys line of work includes all the things which are connected with legal obligations, duties, and rights of the foreigners in the US.

Immigrant and Non-immigrant visa are divided into the following categories

Non-immigrant visa

  •  Skilled Worker visa
  •  Student Visa
  •  Fiancee Visa
  •  Business Visa,

Immigrant visa

  •  Employment Bases Visa
  •  Diversity Visa Program–Lottery
  •  Extraordinary Ability visa
  •  Violence against Women Act Visa

Immigrant Visa process according to Morevisas Bangalore review

When a particular immigrant submits his application for a US visa by using one of the categories which are available to the applicant, the visa process is carried with the help of US government. Ensure that the processing period is generally based on the group of visa under which immigrant is going to apply.

After the US visa is processed, then the immigrant should go to an interview at the US residence abroad. The need of interview is generally based on the category in which an immigrant had applied.

Following are the examples that demonstrate the need for interview:-

Fiancée Visa- This type of visa is supplied for the fiancées is called beneficiaries, who would like to immigrate US in order to get married their spouse. The need of the interview is to begin that an immigrant is actually the fiancée of the US citizens spouse-to-be or Legal Permanent Resident, called the petitioner, and the 2 plan to get married within 90 days of the beneficiaries entry to the US.

The following are some questions that may ask for the immigrant fiancee in order to decide whether to accept the fiancée’s US visa

  • How long that you and your fiancee knew to each other?
  • When is your fiancee’s birthday?
  • Have you ever traveled to the US?
  • When do you plan on traveling to the US?
  • What does your fiancé do for a living and where does he work?

Immigrant visa offers permanent resident status for foreign nationals to permanently travel and inhabit in the US. You know some precise visas also allow adjusting status or change, which is the process of modifying the foreign nationals by locating from non-immigrant to an immigrant without leaving US for additional information you can check morevisas Bangalore review.

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