Essential Traits that you Should Know About Dubai Visit Visa

Dubai-Visit-VisaAre you planning to get Dubai Visa and thinking to drop in Dubai for your upcoming vacation? If you have planned so, then this need not be a surprising decision. As we all know that, Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire world and it offers a number of things to its potential visitors ranging from various exotic locations, tax-free shopping, and other such things. You need not have to worry racial tension unlike in Arab countries. The residents of Dubai are very much open to the tourist regardless of the skin color.

Similar to every other country, you can visit Dubai only with a valid visa. You need to be aware of UAE visa rules and regulations. If you are not aware of it, go through morevisas customer reviews to know about their rules and regulations.

There are various types of visas available like long-term visas, short-term visas, transit visas, multiple entry visas and tourist visa. Before applying for any type of visas, it's advisable to go through morevisas customer reviews and proceed further.

A tourist visa is mainly designed for the purpose of tourist, who plans to visit Dubai for more than 14days. When it comes to the matter of visa for family members, it can be easily obtained by the resident's sponsor of Dubai. The long term Dubai visa permits the people to stay for 90days whereas a short-term visa permit to stay for 30days, but the further extension is not provided as per UAE visa rules and morevisas Chennai review.

A transit visa allows a person to stay in Dubai for 96 hours and not more than that. This type of visa is mainly reserved for the people with a connecting flight to another country from Dubai with a stay of 8 hours. Certain countries like Afghanistan and Iraq are not eligible for a transit visa.

An essential checklist to process Dubai visa

While you are planning to get a long term visa or short term visa to Dubai via online, make sure to go through morevisas customer reviews and move ahead. Here is a checklist for processing the Dubai visa-

  • Visa application form obtained from UAE consulate.
  • Passport photographs of both tourist as well as the sponsor.
  • If married, then you need to present the marriage contract of sponsoring a spouse. It has to be attested by the UAE Embassy/Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Extra passport size photographs and travel insurance
  • Most important thing is your birth certificates; it has to be attested by UAE Embassy/Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All the aforementioned documents have to be submitted to get your Dubai visa and fly to your dream destination to accomplish your goal. Before submitting for Dubai visa via online, make it a point to go through morevisas Chennai review to get your visa at the earliest.

Have a happy and safe travel to Dubai and prosper in your career.

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